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Cytosis: Un juego de transporte celular 2ª edición

Cytosis: Virus Expansion 2nd Edition

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Expansión para Cytosis 2ª edición.


Sólo en inglés.

Even for the most basic biological unit, life is hard. To survive, cells must build enzymes, hormones, and receptors while breaking down toxins at the same time. Persist, and another challenge awaits: fending off viral attacks! This Virus Expansion to Cytosis: A Cel Biology Game tests players' resilience by exposing them to Ebola, Influenza, and Rhinovirus strains. Players must choose between spendng valuable ATP to inmunize themselves against inevitable infections or spending it in ways that gain health points. Neglect your antibodies, and you risk succumbing to a virus. Neglect your health, and an opponent wins.

Componentes de la caja:

- 6 cell component cards

- 2 goal cards

- 3 event cards

- 1 board modification card

- 3 track modifier pieces

- 15 antibody markers

- 5 players mats

- 3 antibody dice

- 1 rules booklet


Ficha técnica

Mecanica de juego
Tirar dados
Mecanica de juego
Colocación de trabajadores
De 2 a 5
Edad recomendada
A partir de 10 años
Tiempo de juego
60 - 90 minutos

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